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what a useful community

i hate you. you held up the mirror and laughed and i never did that to you. i fucking hate you. you are the source of my pain you bitch. if i had the killer in me you'd meet him and make no fucking mistake about that.
there are no apologies for what you have done short of never speaking to me again. i curse you and all the time i wasted on you. i dream about killing you, and although it is merely symbolic murder, it still doesn't bode well for our relationship. i dont want to hurt your feelings incase you kill yourself but i dont want anything to do with you for as long as i live. and now, a poem.

like the beauty in the water, you are easily transformed
i would drive over you a thousand times if you would disappear
i would wipe you from my memory if it would let me rest
i want you to fade into silence
you cannot drink anymore from me
i just want your dna off of my tongue
i never wanted your disgusting "love" play
but you really should get an oscar for it

did youlike it? keep that mailbox open love, i have a few things to give you. first, your christmas present, along with one or two loose ends. secondly, the symbol of our failed relationship and your poisonous filth. finally, the broken pieces of my heart, once i find them. spiritus, corpus, anima.
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